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Need a producer? We can do it all!

OK You've got a great project, but you need some shooting locations. The deadlines are tight, it's raining, and the whole thing is getting a little too frantic for words. So what can you do?

Take a deep breath...and call us. It's as simple as that. And while your at it think about contracting me, Rob Scott, as your all-round, one-man producer.

I establish locations, find the props, organize the permits (often using my own polices and coverages) deal with talent and wardrobe, keep the client happy and deliver your project on time, and on budget. I'm unique in that I can arrange all of the above and supervise things, too. My attention to all the details lets you, the photographer create and take the pictures. Civilized, isn't it?




What's critical here is: when you come to us for a specific requirement, for a prop, or a location, you'll find we can do more for you and your project!