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See Us For Your Trade Show Needs!

If you haven't done business with us lately, you may not know just how deeply we've gotten into trades shows and similar large-scale events.

We can handle all your show logistics, and create and supervise special features like the big cycling track pictured below.

If you're producing a trade show, or if you're and exhibitor looking for something really special in in terms of your own display, why not give us a call? We're professional and reliable, and the people who've been hiring us in this area think we're organized and very creative. We may even have the idea for you that'll make your show or your exhibit really sing and dance!

Trade Shows Deluxe

We do a lot around here related to trade shows and other major public events, and that includes outright show production. You need it done--we'll do it, including taking on a full-tilt show producer/coordinator roles so you can relax and get down to business.

Even better, we deal in new ideas: we generate them, we run them by you, and if you like them we execute them with flair and professionalism.

We've produced some traffic-building (and traffic-stopping!) features at major events like Vancouver's B.C. Great Outdoors Show, The Vancouver Boat Show, and we've got more biggies on the drawing boards. Try us, if you'd like a mega-feature conceived and produced for your show.