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We Know How to Move

Are you a little tired of chewing your fingernails while the exhibitors, the semis and the set dressers do their move-in thing? Does it occur to you that handling the many logistics of a show's setup (and teardown) is a matter of skill plus art, plus experience? We don't just think that -- we know it.

We've had raves from show owners and producers about our coordination services. As far as I'm concerned it's a matter of creating a workable schedule, then executing the 'moves' with calm confidence. Having done this more than a few times, we know where the potential glitches can happen, and we move to spike them before they even develop.


As soon as the show's over, we're working to clear the decks and put the venue back the way it was. Bottom line: the producers, the venue operators and exhibitors are all happy. And they ask us back.